National Human Rights & Social Justice Commission (NHRSJC) Registered Under Govt. of India (Trusts Act 1882) Registration No: 1021.
1.NHRSJC help the society fight against poor Health, Poor Education, Nutrition, Poor Justice & Corruption.
2. NHRSJC organized blood donation camps and seminar to educate poor people on regular basis.
3. NHRSJC organize the awareness program and provide legal assistance & protection, for the subject of Human Rights, Civil Rights, Fundamental Rights, Consumer Rights, Minorities Rights, Women Rights, Senior  Citizens Rights, Education Rights, Labour Rights and all those Rights provided by Indian constitution.
4. The organization will work within the frame work of safe guarding on the basis of Universal Declaration of Human Rights from the Article 1 to Article 30. He has been participating in different social works on a regular basis to help those people who need it the most.
5. NHRSJC promote & educate equality as well as equity, international integration, brotherhood, non-violence,  love, peace, justice, protection & promotion of human rights for all.
6. NHRSJC spread awareness about for protection of environments, to control population. NHRSJC promote/solve cause of health care, food problem, housing/shelter problems & humanitarian relief/refugees / indigenous people problems.
7. To organize conferences, summits, seminars, meetings, discussions, debates, study courses, collection of  statistics, exhibitions, shows, tour trips etc. (India and abroad).
8. NHRSJC help eradicate Child Labour, Violence against Child, Women and Senior Citizen disable, children,youth, aids patient, ageing people, drug adicts, hiv i.e.
9. NHRSJC establish units at Village / Block / District / State level in ALL OVER INDIA and to provide facility for  Justice against Injustice, as well as To effectively work for reducing gender Inequalities, Exploitation and  Injustices.
10. NHRSJC make people aware of “human rights duties” privileges, conduct training camps & workshops,  establish old age home, residential/vocational, school & college, research & medical college and human rights   camps.
11. NHRSJC help freedom fighters, widows/war widows and orphans and running schools, colleges & similar  institutions.
12. NHRSJC effectively work for gender inequalities exploitations and injustice encourage assist talent artists, poets, singers, writers, social workers, journalists, doctors judges etc.
13. NHRSJC promote & educate equality as well as equity, international integration, brotherhood violence, love, peace, justice, protection & promotion of human rights for all.14. NHRSJC promote art & culture, maintain, encourage assist help centers for promotion of human rights.